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You are welcome to the About Page of Places and Fortune – The Definitive Blog for Luxury, Travel and Style!

Places and Fortune is a luxury travel blog created to provide valuable information about different travel destinations in the world that are worth exploring, visiting, revelling in and/or relocating to with a focus and central objective to cover topics relating to Luxury Cruises, the world’s best Hotels or Airlines and amazing Travel Destinations.

This blog was born out of my curiosity to learn about different people, cultures and countries around the world. A desire that led me five (5) years ago to start interacting with different people in/from different parts of the world online – usually using their native languages!

I am a Geographer by education, a published peer-reviewed (independent) researcher and a budding investor.

There are multitudes of travel blogs out there, so many you can at times get confused about which one to choose or go with.

I have designed this blog not to be just another typical “travel blog”. This blog provides holistically carefully researched and analysed travel destinations, cruises, hotel or airline reviews and travel-related activities around the world.

Blog Categories

On this blog, you will find information relating to the following major themes or categories:

  1. Travel Destinations. These are places (e.g. cities, countries or regions), deeply researched and analysed with information, facts and tips about these places (destinations) presented in a very insightful manner.
  • Top Lists. This theme or category of content involves posts that feature a list of ranked subjects or variables within topics that relate to travel, luxury, events, and places.
  • Reviews. These are analytical posts or content relating to travel, events or places. The reviews attempt to look at the pros and cons of the subject under analysis and present a balanced view, conclusion and/or verdict.
  • Luxury. Contents about the affluent style of living, travelling, places or materials are presented under this theme.
  • Expeditions. This category of blog content refers to those relating to daring adventures to the extreme parts of the world.
  • Cruises and Voyages. In a world currently dominated by air travel, only a few people still know about leisure journeys to interesting destinations via the seas and oceans. This category attempts to present information and news about this class of travelling endeavours.
  • Infographics. This category contains what I will call “pictorial articles”, that is, articles or contents relating to different travel destinations and related topics expressed as a picture or in graphical form. In most of the infographic posts, a brief explanation of the infographics is given to aid better understanding and set perspectives right.

Blogging Schedule

The following is the primary weekly schedule for posts and content on this blog:

Monday: Luxury Cruises and Voyages

Wednesday: Luxury Hotels or Airlines

Friday: Top Travel Destinations

(**Note: This weekly schedule might be subjected to slight modifications or variations without any prior announcement or notification.)

Owner and Admin

The owner and admin of this blog is Adefioye Sunday Adewumi. He had a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Geography from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), as well as a Diploma in Computer Technology from the same University. Sunday also had Certifications in Java Programming, Oracle Database Administration and Project Management.

As an award-winning researcher, he has published in peer-reviewed international journals and conference proceedings.

When he’s not doing any research or working on the blog, he loves to watch top movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood with his two cousins, especially on Sundays.

Adefioye Sunday Adewumi. Owner and Admin of Places and Fortune (
Picture taken on Sunday, 14th January 2014.

About Page of Places & Fortune.
Adefioye Sunday on Sunday, 14th January 2024


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