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The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World


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Thrilling educative and explorative journeys are not adventure confined only to the portfolio of scientists and researchers alone, many leisure and adventure-loving travellers are now engaging in expeditions more than ever. In this post, I uncover the top 5 best expedition destinations in the world and much more.

With modern improvements in exploration vessels, facilities and equipment, journeys to extreme parts of the earth less frequented have become seamless and pleasurable at the same time.

But before we get into the best destinations for expeditions across the planet, let’s briefly look at what an expedition is.

People in a Rafting Boat - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
People in a Rafting Boat – Expedition

What is an Expedition?

It is common for people to take cruises to the Bahamas, Italy, Thailand, etc. and lodge in one of the five-stars hotels, dine in one of the Michelin-Starred restaurants, relax on the amazing beaches, sip some chill wines and explore the city vibes. This is what I will call a “contemporary leisure trip/travel”.

Also, there is another category of trips that leads to beautiful destinations of natural significance like forests, lakes, caves, mountains, and culturally or historically prominent regions. Let’s call this “adventure travel”.

And, at the extreme spectrum of travel endeavours, previously only confined to the scientific and research circus, is the expedition.

Only trained professionals (e.g. scientists) were allowed to embark on expeditions in times past but with the advancement in technologies, expeditions are now open to people who desire explorative-leisure trips to naturally “wild” destinations around the world.

With expeditions comes the “Wow”, a dash of excitement, moments of danger, and extreme natural settings that electrify your nerves at first sight. It is this rollercoaster combination of wonderment that makes an expedition a special travel engagement that only a few threads.

I will herewith define expedition as an organized journey (and in modern times, a leisurely and pleasurable journey) to harsh and extreme destinations around the world usually for the purpose of exploration, research, education or just for the fun of it as a leisure or pleasure adventure.

On several occasions, the terms Adventure travel and Expedition are used interchangeably.

“A contemporary trip will take you to common places everyone wants to go but an expedition will take you to exciting and daring destinations only a few dare to go.”

The Landscape and a Truck in the Andes, South America - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
The Landscape and a Truck in the Andes, South America

The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations Around the World

From the North Pole to the South Pole and across the International Date Line, the world is filled with several exhilarating destinations worth exploring, learning about or just for a pleasurable visit.

My handpicked top 5 best expedition destinations around the world include:

  1. Antarctica
  2. Arctic Region/North Pole
  3. Kimberley Region, Australia
  4. Indonesian Archipelago, and
  5. Amazon Region, South America
An Icebreaker Vessel for Polar Expedition - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
An Icebreaker Vessel for Polar Expedition

1. Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the continents on Earth and it is essentially the southernmost part of the planet.

Host to several international laboratories and research stations that fly the flags of countries like the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, United States, Russia, South Africa, France and Argentina, Antarctica is a destination of immense beauty and awe and it is commonly referred to as ‘the world’s most important natural laboratory” [Source].

Several thousands of people visit Antarctica every year.

Antarctica, naturally uninhabited and “otherworldly” beautiful, is primarily characterized by an “endless” stretch of the ice sheet and exotic endemic wildlife such as Penguins, Whales, Seals and several other seabirds. You will sight many of these amazing animals during a regular Antarctica expedition [Source 1, Source 2].

The Penguins (most especially the Emperor Penguin) are the most popular among the Antarctica animals hence the moniker, “The King of Antarctica”.

Most expeditions to Antarctica visit the Antarctica Peninsula and some cruises extend beyond this Peninsula into deeper parts of the continent.

There are several exciting activities you can enjoy in Antarctica, among them, you can [Source]:

  1. Go for kayaking
  2. Visit a science research station
  3. Camp under the stars
  4. Ski on snowy mountains
  5. Turn on your Photography skills and take some amazing shots
  6. Scuba Dive or take a polar plunge
  7. Take a tour of the Deception Island
  8. Explore the South Pole
  9. Ascend some of Antarctica mountains, and
  10. Play with the Penguins

Though there are no standard hospitality facilities (like hotels and restaurants) in Antarctica, Whichway Camp is the best “hotel” or lodging facility in Antarctica. It is the only “luxury hotel” in the White Desert. Gould Bay Camp and Union Glacier Tented Camp are two of the other lodging facilities in Antarctica that are worth checking out [Source].

Expedition Tourists in a Boat in Antarctica - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Expedition Tourists in a Boat in Antarctica
Cruise Ship in Antarctica - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Cruise Ship in Antarctica

2. Arctic/North Pole Expedition

As Antarctica is the extreme south of Earth, so is the Arctic the extreme north. A Polar Expedition is the only viable access to the North Pole, the Northernmost point on Earth.

Some countries and territories such as Alaska (US), Canada, Greenland (Denmark), Norway, Finland and Russia have their national boundaries stretched into the Arctic Circle. These countries also usually serve as the waypoint farther north into the Arctic region.

An Arctic Expedition usually begins anywhere from the Arctic Circle and up to the North Pole. An Arctic expedition is an experience of a lifetime in which any adventure-loving tourist can and should partake.

Features of an Arctic Expedition

Several amazing and exciting features characterized an Arctic expedition. Some of these characteristic features are:

  1. The Midnight Sun – a rare and phenomenal experience only exclusive to the extreme North
  2. Arctic Wildlife – the Arctic is home to several beautiful and lively wildlife e.g. Polar Bears (the King of the Arctic), Walruses, Seals, Whales, Reindeer, Arctic Hare, Musk Oxen, and Arctic Foxes among others
  3. Fjords and Glaciers
  4. Indigenous People
  5. Historical Huts of Past Explorers
  6. Last Charted Territory on Earth – Severnaya Zemlya

Other popular activities during an Arctic expedition include a Zodiac cruise, the Polar Plunge, kayaking, photography (it is important to capture “wow” moments and features of the Arctic), and a mini-relaxation at the “top of the world” – the North Pole.

Where to go in Arctic Expedition?

An Arctic Expedition will normally take you to one or more territories above the Arctic Circle. You should check with the expedition provider to confirm the destinations and activities included in the trip package.

Below are the most popular destinations during an Arctic Expedition:

  1. Canadian High Arctic (Northern Canada – Northwest Passage, Ellesmere Island and the Baffin Island)
  2. Greenland (Denmark)
  3. The North Pole
  4. Arctic Russia – Franz Josef Land, Severnaya Zemlya and New Siberian Islands
  5. Svalbard – Spitsbergen (Norway)

[External Link: Quark Expeditions – Traveler’s Guide to the Arctic]


Accommodation during an expedition to the Arctic is usually aboard the same cruise ship of conveyance. Many expedition cruise ships offer luxury facilities and services to tourists.

However, in (relatively) developed parts of the Arctic such as Nunavut (Canada), Greenland and Svalbard, there are several great “on-land” accommodation facilities. These include [Source]:

  1. Radisson Blu Hotel, Longyearbyen, Svalbard
  2. Spitsbergen Hotel, Svalbard
  3. Basecamp Hotel, Longyearbyen, and
  4. Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge, Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada

The People of the Arctic

The Arctic, unlike Antarctica, have a significant population of indigenous people. And, I felt inconvenient not to mention and acknowledge these amazing people and tribes who have made this extreme territory their homes for several thousands of years in this section of the post.

The indigenous people of the Arctic some of which you might (and should) encounter and even relate with during an Arctic expedition include [Source]:

  1. The Inuit of Arctic Canada (Inuvialuit) and Greenland (Kalaallit)
  2. The Saami of Northern Scandinavia (Saamiland/Lapland) whose permanent abode stretches across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Northwest Russia
  3. Siberians of Northern Russia including the Nenets, Khanty, Evenk, and Chukchi, and
  4. The Aleut, Yupik, and Inuit (Inupiat) of Alaska (United States)
Greenlander Inuit Man in a Boat Amidst Glaciers, Greenland (Denmark) - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Greenlander Inuit Man in a Boat Amidst Glaciers, Greenland (Denmark)
North Pole: At the Top of the World – Quark Expeditions

3. Kimberley Region, Northwest Australia

I first came across Kimberley a few years ago when I was reviewing Western Australia. I would say, I fell in love with the depth and extent of natural features and most especially the amazing landscape and one-of-its-kind “wonders” of the Kimberley at first “sight”.

Onsite exploration of the Kimberley through an organized expedition or tour will leave you with adventure-rich experiences that will last for a lifetime.

If you love adventure, fun, “wild” nature, impossible landscapes and recreation at the same time then a Kimberley Expedition is a must for you. Many tourists have visited the Kimberley several times and they still find fun and experience in this exhilarating destination completely inexhaustible – every new visit is as if it’s the first!

Characteristics of the Kimberley

The Kimberley is located in the Northwestern part of Australia facing the Timor Sea. It is the most scantily inhabited area in the Aussie state of Western Australia.

Kimberley is a world-famous adventure and expedition destination mostly renowned for its [Source]:

  1. Rugged terrains
  2. Towering red limestone cliffs
  3. Gracefully lashing waterfalls
  4. Azure (Blue) waters
  5. Hidden Coves and Caves
  6. Isolated white sand beaches, and
  7. Native wildlife
Saltwater Crocodile, Kimberley, Australia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Saltwater Crocodile, Kimberley, Australia

Things to do in the Kimberley

During a Kimberley expedition, there are a plethora of thrilling activities usually involved.

From taking a chopper ride across the spectacular landscape of the region to exploring historical caves, 4WD in rugged terrains, and experiencing a splash from the waterfalls, some of the activities you can experience in Kimberley are [Source]:

  1. Have amazing views of the weird Bungle Bungles from the air
  2. Drive the Gibb River Road
  3. Visit a natural marvel – most notably the Horizontal Falls
  4. Explore life in the region’s mangroves
  5. Take a camel ride on the beach
  6. Search for dinosaur footprints
  7. Cruise the Kimberley coastline
  8. Experience the magnificent Kimberley reefs
  9. Meet rare and endangered wildlife such as freshwater crocodiles, whales, wallabies and sea turtles, and
  10. Experience indigenous culture

Most Kimberley expedition packages include sightseeing and visits to Tunnel Creek, the Horizontal Falls, West Kimberley Gorges, Gibb River, King Cascade and King George Falls, the Bungle Bungles, and El Questro Wilderness Park.

Kimberley Landscape Northwest Australia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Kimberley Landscape Northwest Australia

Where to stay during a Kimberley Expedition?

Many expeditions to the Kimberley provide access to contemporary and luxury accommodation facilities around the region.

The most luxurious accommodations can be found in Broome, the largest town in the region. Derby and Kununurra are two other prominent towns in the Kimberley. There are officially six (6) towns in the Kimberley, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and Wyndham are the other three (3) [Source].

There are several other lodges (many featuring basic camping or enhanced/premium camping facilities) for tourists. This is usually arranged by the expedition/tour operators.

Asides from the spectacular landscape and physical features of the Kimberley, great foods, amazing people, authentic Aussie and indigenous culture, explorative cum educative tours and general opportunity to appreciate nature are a few of the characteristics that make Kimberley a truly exceptional expedition destination.

And, not in any way less important, the primary community of Aboriginals or Indigenous Peoples of the Kimberley compose the Ngarinyin, Dambimangari, Balanggarra, Mayala, Uunguu (Wunambal Gaambera), Bardi, Jawi and the Yawuru peoples [Source].

Official Kimberley Expeditions Cruise Video

4. Indonesian Archipelago

A region vast in culture and rich in biodiversity, Indonesia (East Indies), is the largest archipelago in the world to form a country.

Indonesia consists of five (5) primary Islands as well as 30 smaller archipelagos totalling over 18,000 Islands and islets. Only about 6,000 of the Indonesian Archipelago are inhabited [Source].

Straddled between two oceans (the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean) and from its Westernmost Island of Sumatra to the Easternmost territory of West Papua, an expedition through the Indonesian Archipelago is filled with experiences of thrill, amazement and excitement.

The five (5) major Islands of Indonesia from East to West are:

  1. Sumatra
  2. Java
  3. Sulawesi
  4. Kalimantan (Borneo), and
  5. New Guinea

Each of the major Indonesian Islands is a unique adventure destination on its own. Bali, an island East of Java and West of Lombok is unarguably the most visited tourist destination in Indonesia.

Ship in Pari Islands, Indonesia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Ship in Pari Islands, Indonesia

Characteristics of an Indonesia Expedition

An expedition to Indonesia will usually take you to one or more Islands and territories of the Archipelago in one trip.

Three (3) of the core features and characteristics of a typical Indonesia Expedition include:

1. Volcanic Mountains. Indonesia is located at the intersection of the Ring of Fire and the Alpide belt which makes Indonesia a “destination of volcanoes”. An expedition to Indonesia is second to none without experiencing one or more of the Archipelago’s Volcanic Mountains (Volcanoes).

Among several others, the most notable Volcanic Mountains you should explore in an Indonesian Expedition include Mt. Tambora, Mt. Rinjani, Mt. Raung, Mt. Bromo, Mt. Semeru, Papandayan, Kerinci, Merapi, Kawah Ratu and Mt. Ijen [Source].

2. Corals. Exploring, snorkelling and diving at Raja Ampat (a sub-archipelago) within the broader Coral Triangle is one of the highlights of an Indonesian Expedition.

Raja Ampat, a group of densely vegetated karst islands between West Papua and North Maluku is world-famous for its mesmerizing scenery, amazing beaches, eclectic coral reefs (some of the richest in the world) and dynamic marine life.

Snorkelling and diving in the natural wonderland of Raja Ampat are more than just an experience, it is a touristic “ritual”.

Piaynemo, Raja Ampat, Indonesia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Piaynemo, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

3. Exotic and Endemic Wildlife. Indonesia is home to numerous wildlife many of which is one of the core features of most expeditions to the Indonesian Archipelago. Among the several wildlife of Indonesia, the Orangutans (of Kalimantan/Borneo Island) and the Komodo Dragons (on Komodo Island) are the most popular. Other wildlife you can sight in Indonesia includes Gibbons, Sun Bears, Proboscis Monkeys, Macaques, and Clouded Leopards.

Orangutans are endemic to Indonesia and Malaysia and they can only be found in the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo [Source].

An Orangutan in the Jungle, Sumatra, Indonesia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
An Orangutan in the Jungle, Sumatra, Indonesia

An Indonesia expedition can also include a visit to historical sites, exploring some of the Canals of Indonesia, navigating the waterways of the Banjarmasin (“the River City”), a tour of the mystical Satonda island and its crater lake, and exploring local Indonesian cultures.

People of the Indonesia Archipelago

Except you are exploring an uninhabited territory like Antarctica, the people are an important part of any expedition or travel endeavour. And even in an Antarctica expedition, several tours of the continent still involve meeting the scientists and researchers who professionally call the place “home”. Who are the indigenous people of Indonesia?

Indonesia is a very vast and culturally diverse archipelago. The indigenous people of Indonesia are known locally as pribumi (“people of the land”).

There are over 1,300 officially recognized ethnic groups in Indonesia with over 300 languages being spoken.

The six (6) largest indigenous groups of the Indonesian Archipelago are the Javanese, Sundanese, Batak, Sulawesi, Madurese and Betawi. Other ethnic people with a significant population (more than 3 million) include the Balinese, Minangkabau, Buginese, Dayak, Sasak, Bantenese, Acehnese and Banjarese people [Source]. There are several other amazing indigenous people with smaller populations in the country.

You will meet several of these native Indonesians during an ideal expedition to the archipelago and witness some of their culture and ways of life first-hand.

Bromo Landscape, Indonesia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Bromo Landscape, Indonesia
Lush Jungle with Waterfall in Indonesia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Lush Jungle with Waterfall in Indonesia

5. Amazon Expedition

The Amazon Expedition takes you to South America in a region of vast lush forests, unusual river systems and “fierce” warrior tribes.

Adventures and activities during an Amazon Expedition are centred on the Amazon Rainforest and along the Amazon River.

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. It covers most parts of north-western Brazil (about 40% of Brazil’s total area). 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is within Brazil’s national boundary.

Peru and Columbia host about 13% and 10% of the Rainforest respectively. Other South American countries and territories such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Suriname, Venezuela, Guyana and French Guiana (a territory of France) host a smaller portion of the rainforest.

The rainforest (also known as Amazonia) covers a total area of about 6 million square km (2.3 million square miles). The Amazon Rainforest is located within the broader Amazon Basin and contains several million species of birds, plants, insects and other life forms that are yet to be described or recorded by science [Source].

Over 3,000 officially recognized indigenous territories compose the Amazon Rainforest with about 30 million people belonging to roughly 350 identifiable ethnic groups. 9% of the population of Amazonia is indigenous with a larger proportion (60%) of the indigenous community still isolated [Source].

Aerial View of the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Aerial View of the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

The Amazon River

Originating in the Andes Mountains of the Arequipa Region of Peru, the Amazon River is the largest river in the world by discharge volume of water and size of its basin.

The River, the longest in South America and second longest in the World (after the Nile) flows through the South American countries of Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador and discharges into the Atlantic Ocean through its mouth in north-eastern Brazil.

The total length of the Amazon River is about 6,800 km or 4,225 miles.

 Two-thirds of the Amazon River’s primary channel is within the borders of Brazil [Source].

Several buoyant cities such as Manaus, Macapa, Tefe and Santerem in Brazil, Leticia in Columbia and Iquitos in Peru can be found along the Amazon River.

Though navigating deeper into the Amazon River might be filled with challenges such as diseases, fluctuating water levels and resistance from local tribes, the Amazon is one of the most thrilling explorative experiences (adventure) anyone can have in South America.

The Amazon River and its Tributaries - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
The Amazon River and its Tributaries
Source: Kmusser via Wikipedia

Characteristics of an Amazon Expedition

Most Amazon Expeditions are planned primarily for exploring and experiencing the Amazon Rainforest and usually by navigating (or cruising through) the Amazon River, through jungle camps and lodges, or any other river within the forest e.g. the Napo River of Ecuador.

Generally, Expedition access (gateway) to the Amazon Rainforest is done through one of the cities or towns within the region. The most popular Amazon gateways are Manaus (Brazil), Iquitos (Peru), Tena (Ecuador) and Rurrenabaque/Madidi (Bolivia).

Activities during an Amazon Expedition can include several of the following:

  1. River cruises – there are several basic and luxury cruises down the Amazon River
  2. Jungle Walk – take a walk amidst towering trees and exotic faunas of the Amazon
  3. Jungle Survival Exercises
  4. Socializing with the locals
  5. Wildlife – one iconic animal you are not likely to miss during an Amazon expedition is Jaguar – the largest big cat in the Americas. Other animals that make Amazon their home are the Boa Constrictor, Scarlet Macaw, Tapir, Toco Toucan, Squirrel Monkey, Green Iguana and Howler Monkey [Source].
  6. Flora – immerse yourself in the rich and diverse vegetation of the Amazon
  7. Kayaking and Canoeing down the Amazon River
  8. Piranha Fishing
  9. Swimming with Pink Dolphins, and
  10. Canopy Bridge Walk

Other activities you can experience in the Amazon are luxury jungle lodging (glamping), a visit to a national park, learning about Amazonia medicinal plants, enjoying some local Amazon cuisines and stand-up paddle boarding on one of the rivers [Source].

People of the Amazon

The Amazon is sparsely populated.

According to Amazonaid.org, it is estimated that about 1.5 million indigenous people across 385 ethnic groups live in the Amazon today.

Among the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest, the Yanomami is the largest isolated tribal group with close to 38,000 members still inhabiting the rainforest. Other native tribes of the Amazon include the Tupi, the Kayapo, and the Awa. Today, there are close to 50 uncontacted tribes living in the Amazon Forest [Source].

[External Link: Ascent of the Amazon – People of the Amazon]

Amazon Native Indians, Brazil - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Amazon Native Indians, Brazil

Amazon Expedition Best Practices

Asides from a few indigenous people who might be “closed” or strict to tourists visiting their communities or area of abode, the Amazon Rainforest is internationally classified as being endangered, especially as a result of urban encroachment, deforestation, uncontrolled logging, the introduction of acidic wastes, mining, large-scale farming and ranching, and violent attacks against the native people.

Therefore, to make your Amazon expedition experience as pleasant as possible and in the most environmentally responsible manner, here are a few best practices you should consider [Source]:

  1. Do not litter the Amazon
  2. Keep a respectful distance from local wildlife – especially the violent or poisonous ones
  3. Use reusable products, for example, a water bottle you can always refill and reuse
  4. Involve in activities that give back to the local communities – e.g. lodges and trust funds, and
  5. Follow your guide’s instructions carefully including instructions about routes and general safety
A Village in the Amazon Rainforest, Columbia - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
A Village in the Amazon Rainforest, Columbia

Other Amazing Destinations Worth Exploring

Our planet Earth is filled with several amazing natural wonders that deserve to be explored and appreciated.

Asides from the five (5) handpicked best expedition destinations discussed above, other great destinations that any adventure-loving tourist can check out are:

  1. Kiribati
  2. Iceland
  3. Galapagos Islands
  4. The Philippines Islands and Forests
  5. Orinoco River and Delta (Venezuela and Columbia)
  6. Queenstown, New Zealand – Fjords and Mountains, and
  7. The Hebrides, Northern UK
Iceland Expedition - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
Iceland Expedition


An expedition is an organized journey to the extreme destinations of the world.

My handpicked top 5 best expedition destinations in the world as presented in this post are:

  1. Antarctica – is known for amazing polar wildlife especially the Emperor Penguins (The King of Antarctica)
  2. Arctic Region/North Pole – a great destination to witness the midnight sun and reach the “top of the world”
  3. Kimberley Region, Australia – a perfect adventure destination for lovers of unusual landscapes and breath-taking natural features
  4. Indonesian Archipelago – known for its volcanoes, the richest coral reef in the world (the Raja Ampat), and endemic wildlife especially the Orangutans
  5. The Amazon Region, South America – a dual adventure-rich expedition destination characterized by the world’s largest rainforest and the second longest river in the world.
An Expedition Cruise Ship in the Arctic Ocean, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway - The Top 5 Best Expedition Destinations in the World
An Expedition Cruise Ship in the Arctic Ocean, Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway

See also: The 6 Most Popular Cruise Destinations in the World


While an expedition is not like a luxury trip to Dubai, Paris or Venice, experiencing a true adventure to destinations less travelled fills you with an uncommon ability to appreciate the world better.

From the southernmost part of the Earth to the northern tip of the planet, the jungles of the Amazon, the volcanoes of Indonesia and the bizarre landforms of Kimberley, the five (5) best expedition destinations presented in this post serve as a guide to your first expedition, information for your next adventure or simply provide you with general knowledge about the extreme and less frequented parts of the world.

Though these phenomenal destinations are considered extreme or harsh for general human habitations, some people have been living in these destinations for several thousands of years.

From the Inuit and Nenets of the Arctic to the Aboriginals of Kimberley, native tribes of the Amazon and the indigenous people of Indonesia, meeting and appreciating these unusual people is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Experiencing the North Pole reached through the ice of the Arctic, flying over the Bungle Bungles in Australia’s “weird” Kimberley, cruising through a thick forest of unrecorded species of plants and exotic animals, meeting indigenous jungle tribes, witnessing rare wildlife in their natural habitat, climbing a volcano and snorkelling in a Coral Triangle is not an adventure everyone wants to take and that is essentially why it is called an Expedition!

“A contemporary trip will take you to common places everyone wants to go but an expedition will take you to exciting and daring destinations only a few dare to go.”

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