Travel Suitcase - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise

With several high-end activities and engagements to indulge in on a luxury cruise, there are special considerations as to deciding on things to pack for your cruise. To help reduce your stress and worry, here is my checklist of the best things to pack for a luxury cruise.

Luxury cruises are more intimate and formal, from fine-dining restaurants, exquisite lounges, onboard spas, VIP classes and exclusive shore excursions, there are numerous factors to consider when packing for a luxury cruise.

It is important and frequently recommended that you utilise a checklist when packing for your luxury cruise. I have simplified this task for you in this post.

Travel Suitcase - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
Travel Suitcase

Things to Consider Before Packing for Your Luxury Cruise

Before choosing the things to include in your travelling luggage, you should be aware of four cardinal things [Source].

Firstly, you should not overpack as this will increase your luggage load with usually unnecessary things you might not need on your cruise. Overpacking also significantly affects your travelling comfort. And more so, most storage spaces aboard cruise ships are small and tight.

Secondly, you should have a full knowledge of the dress codes for your particular cruise and especially onboard activities. Several cruise lines and ships have stringent dress codes for different activities like fine dining, shows, VIP classes and other high-end events.

Thirdly, you should be careful enough not to pack unnecessary items as many luxury cruises offer some basic onboard necessities like toiletries, towels, slippers, robes, and more for their passengers, though the level of availability of these provisions may depend on the class of a cruise passenger.

And lastly, have a foreknowledge of what is available onboard the luxury ship you are sailing on. Are there shops or stores to obtain stuff like bathing lotions, toothpaste, and other petty but essential everyday needs? If they are available, you may not necessarily need to stuff your suitcase with these essentials as you can easily obtain them onboard.

With this knowledge and understanding of some basic considerations for your luxury cruise packing list, what are the essential things to pack for your cruise?

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Luxury Cruise Packing - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
Luxury Cruise Packing

The Essential Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise

1. Clothing

Clothes are the number one thing that comes to mind when packing for a luxury cruise. Different onboard occasions, events and activities require different styles of dress.

You should pack a few pieces of formalwear that include a long gown or cocktail dress with matching jewellery for ladies and a tuxedo, a dark suit with a tie (classic or bowtie), or a blazer, dress pants and a few collared shirts for men.

Pack casualwear that still speaks of class and elegance without an attempt to pack your entire wardrobe. For men, cotton shorts, comfy t-shirts quality linen shorts and polos, a pair of loafers, sandals and flip-flops are good. And light-weight blouses, sundresses, simple maxi dresses, skirts and flats are nice for ladies.

While packing your clothes for your luxury cruise, you should take into consideration the varying weather conditions that you will experience during the cruise therefore, you should also pack for the weather. A jacket, sweater or cardigan are good to keep you warm during cold weather and ladies should consider adding a shawl or scarf for extra warmth to their luggage.

If you are into one or more sporting or fitness activities, you should pack accordingly but don’t overpack. Activewear including a swimsuit, exercise pants, gym shirts and comfortable workout clothes will ensure you are not left out from your favourite fitness or sport activity during your cruise.

Different onboard occasions require different styles of clothes, confirm before packing the dress code for your luxury cruise and be certain of the onboard events and activities you will be involved in during the cruise. Also, check for weather information on various destinations you’ll be cruising through or stopping at. This will give you proper guidance on what necessary clothes you should pack and what you shouldn’t.

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A Man in a Tuxedo - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
A Man in a Tuxedo

2. Footwear

You will need formal shoes that match your formalwear for formal events, dinners and shows like a pair of elegant heels or comfortable dress shoes for ladies and clean, stylish and polished dress shoes for men.

Exploring and getting to know the ship, and going on shore excursions and tours usually involve a great deal of walking. Therefore, packing comfortable walking shoes is a wise choice before embarking on your voyage.

Pack a pair of sandals or flip-flops for recreational outings or daytime adventures like lounging by the pool or walking on the beach during shore excursions or port calls. This makes you feel relaxed and provides an extra layer of convenience when exploring different ports of call during your luxury cruise.

Female Flip-Flop and Hat on a Beach - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
Female Flip-Flop and Hat on a Beach

3. Medications, Toiletries, Skin and Haircare Products

Most luxury cruise lines provide basic toiletries and bathroom amenities for their passengers.

However, packing a few travel-sized products for skincare and haircare such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm which might not be available onboard gives you additional comfort during your cruise.

Don’t forget to pack a sufficient supply of any necessary medications for the duration of your cruise and have at hand, knowledge about laws and regulations guiding certain medications in your embarkation and debarkation destinations, some countries have stringent laws, even on prescription medicines.

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Beauty Products - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
Beauty Products

4. Travel Documents

For an unhindered embarkation process, it is necessary to arrange, organize and pack all important travel documents when preparing for a cruise. These documents guarantee a hassle-free cruising experience. Among them are a Passport and Visa, a Trip Itinerary with Maps, Travel Insurance, and Identification Cards.

If your cruise will be taking you through several international destinations, it is important that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the duration of your voyage.

Visa requirements vary by destination and your nationality. Ensure to check the visa requirements for the destinations on your luxury cruise adventure and if visas are required, strive to obtain them well in advance.

Your Trip Itinerary gives you an overview of important information for your cruise including embarkation and disembarkation details, onboard activities and programs, ports of call, shore excursions and other miscellaneous information like weather and tips crucial to your cruise. It is highly recommended that you print out a physical copy of your trip itinerary for easier referencing and activity planning.

Travel Insurance is a form of coverage against unforeseen circumstances during your voyage and it provides protection and minimizes risks and anxieties from trip cancellation, medical emergencies, accidents, lost luggage and several other dire cruising encounters.

You should be clear and with a vivid understanding of the coverage details, claims and redemption processes of your travel insurance. Keep a copy of the insurance policy with the emergency or official contact information handy throughout your journey.

Luxury cruises offer the opportunity to bring high-class personalities together on the same voyage. Aside from your passport, having a government-issued identification card(s) and vocational identification materials (if you are not bothered by privacy) adds a significant level of confidence and flexibility to your cruising experience. These IDs are also useful when embarking on certain activities, tours or shore excursions and they prepare you for any identification issues that may arise.

Other miscellaneous documents like cruise tickets, vouchers, and exclusive or VIP passes to events, tours, shows and others should be packed and well-kempt throughout your cruise.

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United States Passport - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
United States Passport

5. Electronics and Gadgets

Sailing on the high seas to a range of distanced destinations should not disconnect you from important information and entertainment including news, movies, TV shows, documentaries, and media. You may want to still stay connected with families and friends and even capture exciting moments.

Hence the an imperative need to pack all necessary electronics and gadgets for your ultimate cruising pleasure.

While you don’t want to overpack electronics which can be, in many cases, a huge distraction from enjoying the natural opulent flair of a luxury cruise, you might need to pack essential electronics and gadgets like your smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop, portable chargers and power adapters.

Smartphones and tablets keep you connected to family, friends and business associates and a high-resolution digital camera or a professional DSLR makes sure you don’t leave any important moments on your cruise uncaptured.

Your laptop makes it possible for you to have a mini onboard workstation during your cruise. Since some cruises are for a relatively extended period spanning several weeks or even months, it is a great idea to go along with your laptop in case the need to work arises. Laptops connected to Wi-Fi are also amazing for personal entertainment to keep updated with the latest movies, documentaries and shows.

The portable chargers and power adapters facilitate constant power supply to your electronics and gadgets.

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Luxury Cruise Electronics and Gadgets - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
Luxury Cruise Electronics and Gadgets

6. Portable Entertainment Pack

Luxury cruise ships are undoubtedly fitted with a wide collection of on onboard entertainment options and facilities. But to hype and indulge in a higher quality personal entertainment experience, you should consider packing some portable entertainment essentials.

Pack books, novels or an E-book reader for your cruise. This is not necessarily only for bibliophiles, any knowledge-loving person can pick up a good book or novel and enjoy the beautiful words that line its pages. Reading books in your leisure time during a cruise is good for the brain, very relaxing and it is also a great timeout from electronics and gadgets.

A portable (wireless) speaker offers a higher quality sound experience of your favourite playlist from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can also pack a dedicated music player, perfect for personal times in lounges, pool sides or a workout session and void of the distractions of a smartphone and the likes.

You should also consider a noise-cancelling headphone for a more personalized entertainment experience.

Bring onboard your favourite board or card games to share moments of fun and bonding with your family and cruising friends. This is a great way to pass the time during sea days or onboard relaxed evenings.

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Portable Bluetooth Speakers - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise
Portable Bluetooth Speakers

7. Miscellaneous Packing Essentials

In addition to the above-highlighted essential things to pack for a luxury cruise, the following items may also be considered, though not as necessities, for your cruise packing list [Source]. Some of them can be obtained onboard or at ports of call.

  1. Travel Adapter with USB Port and Power Strip
  2. Binoculars
  3. Sun Hat or Cap and Sunglasses
  4. Dry Bags
  5. Insulated Travel Mug
  6. Money Belt
  7. Lightweight Robe or Cover-Up
  8. Reusable Water Bottle
  9. Extra Memory Cards
  10. Waterproof Phone Case
  11. Powerbanks, and
  12. Beach Bag or Day Pack

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Binoculars - Best Things to Pack for a Luxury Cruise


There you have it, the essential things to pack for a luxury cruise. Cruising exquisitely with class and elegance comes with a great deal of formalities.

From attending high-class events, exclusive shows and fine dining to relaxing on a private lounge or cabana, enjoying an onboard spa facility, indulging in sport, taking a class or lesson, or going on a select shore excursion or tour, knowing the most essential things to pack for your cruise is an enlightened way to prepare for a great vacay at sea. This post did justice to this.

By adhering to this list and guide, you are sure to have the most enjoyable experience on your cruise without the regret of leaving or forgetting to pack any essential items for your cruise, a requisite for the most pleasing cruising experience.

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